QoE Systems offers a speech software suite package that puts a dedicated graphical user interface on top of the PESQ algorithm. This economical speech quality assessment solution can be used for quality assessment of speech in components, devices and networks alike, determining the various degradation effects.

The software suite is a file based solutionrequiring the user to provide both the reference signal file and the degraded test file for analysis.

QoE Systems' software solution is a feature rich windows program that provides control and results display functionality to the underlying algorithm that is included with the program.

The software suite deploys the officially licensed PESQ algorithm that is in full compliance with the appropriate ITU standards and patents from BT, KPN and Psytechnics.

The user will be able to obtain test scores after providing both the original reference file and the degraded results file to the program. As a result the program provides graphical and numerical displays including the MOS rating, Frequency differences, Level difference, MOS score vs. time, etc. for a detailed insight into the signal quality.


QoE Systems offers a suite of algorithms that truly meet the demands for accurate quality assessment of speech and video on components, devices and networks, determining the various degradation effects. These algorithms support both packet and circuit switched implementations.

QoE Systems' algorithms are provided as a .dll, application extension, and are based on technology from Psytechnics. All QoE Systems' algorithms are officially licensed versions that are in full compliance with the appropriate ITU standards and patents from BT, KPN and Psytechnics.

The user will be able to obtain test scores after providing boththe original reference file and the degraded results file to the algorithm. As a result the algorithm provides the MOS rating and more detailed information, depending on the type of algorithm applied.

System Solutions

QoE Systems offers hardware system solutions that include interface capabilities for a large variety of available network and device interfaces. These systems facilitate the sending and receiving of signals over POTS (FXO and FSX), Analog Line, PSTN (T1 and E1), Phone Handset, Mobile Handset and Ethernet VoIP channels.

Dedicated hardware interfaces help developers and operators assess the correct functioning of networks (both Telephony and LAN/WAN) and/or devices such as codecs, echo-cancellers, transcoders, gateways, telephones, voice activity detectors, etc., using either the Q-Master or NQ-Lab System.

The Q-Master system consists of dedicated hardware for Speech analysis and includes a GUI that operates in a Windows PC environment provided by the user. The measurement results can be viewed, stored, printed and exported. The Q-Master can be deployed both locally as well as remotely connecting with Ethernet/LAN for control. Q-Master is an easy to configure instrument that is particularly strong in its VoIP measurement capabilities.

NQ-Lab is the 'all inclusive' toolbox for realtime QoS measurement of Speech, Data and Video. NQ-Lab is a particularly sophisticated test instrument intended for R&D applications and capable of "triple play" measurements with detailed analysis of speech, data and video. The system includes features for data administration, filtering, analysis, and generation of reports and statistics. NQ-Lab provides the engineer with the detailed analytical and diagnostic required to determine the root causes of performance issues.

Network Monitoring

Our quality monitoring system offers a perfect solution enabling a service provider to proactively monitor the network from the customer's perspective and to detect sources of quality degradation.

The service monitoring solutions are based on remote controlled distributed probes working intelligently and automatically on packet and circuit switched networks. The NetQual suite of products offers an end-to-end QoS test solution that monitors the network proactively and detects quality degradations from the customer's point of view. With the available applications for both wireless and fixed networks and in both static and mobile deployments, QoE Systems offers the ideal monitoring platform for a wide range of special test tasks.

System Architecture

The NetQual monitoring solutions can be divided into the Central Control and Command System (CC&C) and the remote controlled probes. For true end-to-end testing, other system elements such as voice answering stations, data or Video call servers can be included. This centralized but full-featured system architecture enables monitoring to be conducted in an objective and reproducible manner.

PC Based Probes

Depending on the monitoring application, probes can be configured to support fixed network interfacing such as IP and PSTN. It also can be used together with mobile phones and data cards thus enabling full service testing on mobile networks.

Test Manager

The Web-based Test Manager is a remote administrator to control and manage all probes within the test system. It facilitates the test jobs and the campaign definition related to a predefined scheduling for test execution in a fully automatic manner.

Impressive Set of Test Applications

NetQual is offering an impressive set of test applications to truly assess subscriber perceived quality. Knowledge based QoS Algorithms for speech and video quality assessments are perfected with timestamps, key performance indicators (KPI) and protocol information. Timestamps, success rates and special KPI's for the different OSI-Layers for data, browsing or messaging services are supplied. Also complex combined Services can be analyzed based on customized KPI's. Depending on specific testing requirements, the system can be configured for active: Voice testing Data testing - Ping, FTP and UDP Browser testing - WAP and HTTP Messaging testing - SMS, MMS, VMS Video streaming and Video call.

Network Wide Deployment

The unattended service monitoring concept from NetQual allows the observation of KPI's at the end customer resulting in a better transparency in and understanding of SLA's. The active service testing can be configured for multiple APN's and can be initiated remotely with a prescheduled timing. NetQual also provides remote controlled VoIP Probes in combination with our new non-intrusive Speech Algorithm providing assessment of quality problems in VoIP Networks.


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