Q-Master Speech Software

QoE Systems' Q-Master deals with the quality assessment aspect of communication devices. Q-Master uses perceptual analysis capabilities as defined by ITU-T P.862. The result of the measurement is a MOS (Mean Opinion Score) to interpret quality of speech as perceived by an end user.

The Q-Master Software Suite is a file based solution that requires the user to provide both the reference and the degraded test file for analysis.

These measurements are used on transmission devices and/or systems that use coding and decoding. Developers can assess the correct functioning of devices such as codecs, echo-cancellers, transcoders, gateways, telephones, voice activity detectors, etc., using the Q-Master Software Suite.

In addition to an overall MOS score, the Q-Master can measure within such parameters as; MOS speech only; MOS background only; time delay, MOS vs. Time and many additional measurements. The Q-Master can graphically represent all of these measurements.

The Q-Master Software Suite operates in a Windows environment, using file-based analysis capabilities. It allows report printing and graph exporting to standard PC programs.

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Measure quality with ITU standardized perceptual algorithm

Speech quality assessment is done using the PESQ algorithm (ITU P.862). This measurement not only provides an overall MOS score identifying the quality, but also detailed performance analysis of other useful parameters and graphical representations including MOS speech only, MOS background only, time delay, MOS vs Time, Spectrum view of signal, Voice Activity Detection, Front End Clipping, Drop outs, Holdover time.

End-to-end verification of quality in IP, PSTN and Wireless services

The Q-Master product facilitates the sending and receiving of signals over PSTN, Analog Audio, VoIP channels. This allows developers and operators to assess the correct functioning of networks and/or devices such as codecs, echo-cancellers, transcoders, gateways, telephones, voice activity detectors.

Easy-to-use, Windows-based user interface

A Windows based user interface provides a simple yet full-featured test environment allowing fast and comprehensive quality assessment measurements.

Graphical presentation of all measurements
Local and/or remote multipoint deployment supported

Q-Master can be deployed both locally as well as remotely connecting by means of LAN for control. Multiple Q-Masters can be networked for measurements between locations as desired. All measurements results are stored and can be reviewed or included in reports at a later date.


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