Video Quality Testing

Use the Best Video Quality Testing Software – based on ITU-T standards

Measure and test video quality with our Q-Master2 Video software, heavily relied on by many organizations. This standards-based software provides a quality assessment of a number of video devices such as encoders/decoders, transcoders, head-ends, STB, for networks and both 2D and 3D mixing/de-mixing algorithms.

To successfully measure video quality, the software uses the full reference methodology of comparing a clean uncompressed reference RGB24 .avi video clip with a de-compressed .avi test clip and measures the quality degradation.

The obtained result is a Mean Opinion Score for Video (VMOS), according to ITU-T recommendation J.341, that represents the end-user perception of quality after the video has been processed. The video quality testing software delivers a Mean Opinion Score (called MOS) but for Video (called VMOS) combined with information such as blocking/tiling distortion, blurring, jerkiness, PSNR and noise.

The software provides an easy-to-use software interface, based on Windows 7. The interface is designed to feel simple while providing a full featured test environment for fast and comprehensive video quality measurements. All results are stored and can be reviewed or exported to reports. An easy to use Command Line Interface (CLI; DOS) enables a convenient way to integrate with other tools and to provide automation. In addition, with the use of test scripts one can do multiple step testing procedures.

In summary, QoE Systems offers perceptual assessment algorithms and tools for both video quality testing and voice quality testing. Our Solutions are based are standardized algorithms by the ITU for quality measurements for video and voice transmission systems that use trans-coding, coding and decoding.

Great for 3D Video Quality Measurement Too!

3D video quality and 3D technology have traveled great lengths over the past several years. As a result, the 3D quality of experience has entered the spotlight for video technology. As 3D production studios continue to refine the way they capture and deploy 3D media, the companies who build 3d playing devices must find efficient and best-of-breed solutions to measure and test 3D quality within their video playing devices.

QOE systems has spent years perfecting the testing solutions for measuring end-to-end 3d video quality. Our 3D measurement solutions consist of both 3d test software and equipment which generate the ultimate quality metric --- a MOS (Mean Opinion Score), while measuring both the Left Eye and Right Eye images.

For testing 3d Video quality, the ITU-T recommends using algorithms that perform objective-perceptual tests. Built upon the approved and recommended ITU-T J.341 and ITU-T P.862 video quality standards, we bring best-of-breed professional 3d Quality Testing tools to you and your quality testing team.

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